Finally Bertolina from Livigno: “The tough-sprint classic, are not party to qualify to participate; unfortunately I continue with my range to reach 37th narrowly wide.

So the leaders to give up a Zini Cremona. VIDEOS OF ENERGY JOURNAL TV – In the incredible 4-4 Rigamonti, Brescia Spezia blocks and it prevents him from going to the top. Okereke, 18 ‘of the second half, rushes towards the door, dribbles Andrenacci on a heavy pitch and gets a penalty, then converted.

GENIUS – In the craziest game of the season, that between Brescia and Spezia, there is also room for a brilliant play by Torregrossa. On cross Bisoli her veil is perfect and promotes the Tonali goal. How much talent team for Lombard!

EXTRA-TIME – Breathless Venezia won 2-1 a delicate derby against Padova. And at 48 ‘of the second half Of Mariano to have the incredible coolness to kick the decisive penalty that gives the victory to the lagoon. Giuseppe Di Giovanni

February 13, 2018 – Pyeongchang (SCOR) Federico Pellegrino. LaPresse De Fabiani: “Point to 50 km” Federico Pellegrino is in the final sprint of the classic! The blue one is master of his heat of the quarterfinals, semifinals going smoothly. Then in the semifinals he is second behind champion Klaebo.

It can instead qualifying for Maicol Rastelli, beautiful quarter in the second round, but who died in the quarterfinals after they attacked up to two thirds of the race. eighths – the quarterfinals were advanced Pellegrino and Maicol Rastelli, a podium in the World Cup once caught him in Drammen in Norway, where the tracks are a religion. The Sprint classic technique cross saw the Finnish Ristomattt Hakola in the head, which in 3’08 “54 ahead of the Norwegian 19/100 Johaness Klaebo and 1” 66 Russian Alexnder Bolshunov.

At the 4th place precisely Rastelli to 2 “78, the 5th Swedish Teodor Peterson 3” 01, the 6th another Russian Alexander Panzhinkiy to 3 “09, the 7th and 8th other two Swedish, Svensson and Thorm and ninth Federico Pellegrino at 4’64 “. The freestyle world champion is now launching the knockout quarterfinals along with Rastelli, surrounded by Scandinavian and two Russians. Out of the other two blue, Mirco Bertolina and Stefam Zelger, respectively at the 38th and 39th place. rastelli – After qualifying for the quarterfinals Rastelli was elated: “I had a great qualifying, I did not expect.

But it matters little or nothing, you have to go strong in the knock-out batteries. There are special conditions with a lot of wind and the tracks you go slower but you have to be careful not to skate off the rails. ” Zelger: “It ‘was a great experience, pity not to have qualified for the quarter-finals. I tried, I expected more.

Too bad. A tough race but also beautiful, I like the hard tracks. Today it was close to qualification “. grain – Pellegrino: “The track is beautiful in its path, for what concerns the rail with the wind these days and today and sleet is filled with new snow and so it is slower than outside where snow is the more ice advantage of being slide out in qualifying had to be careful to use your arms. ” Finally Bertolina from Livigno: “The tough-sprint classic, are not party to qualify to participate; unfortunately I continue with my range to reach 37th narrowly wide.

Sooner or later we will succeed. They are close. This is the first sprint classic who then did was a lottery. Now I’m focused on the 15km “. women – were two of three blue qualified to the quarterfinals of the Sprint classic technique cross: Gaia Vuerich with the 18 th time, Lucia Scardoni with 28 °. Both, however, are then outputs to the quarters. Where he did not go for a second time and with 32 ° Greta Laurent, the Federico Pellegrino girlfriend.

The Laurent says: “The changing conditions all the time, are off a little but I’m out, I did not want this, unfortunately. The track is selective, it is seen by the detachment, was felt, though it was hard for everyone. Now lighthouse on rooting for Chicco “, glosses the Aosta Valley.

Lucia Scardoni comments: “It was not easy today, I was lucky because I had not many around, but I’m happy. The important thing was to qualify, the result is the same.” The last Vuerich at risk convening says: “I am very happy with qualification to the quarterfinals, I had a good feeling right from the start and I’m glad that I redeemed because it was not easy between the various trouble for the various meetings and I’m glad demonstrating why they are here and now I want to do well. ” From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli  @ sarcobelli

August 20, 2016 – RIO DE JANEIRO (Brazil) It ‘gold medal of the US basketball in Rio. A win at the expense of Spain were Delledonne, Taurasi, Moore and other magnificent athletes coached by Geno Auriemma, coach born in Montella, province of Avellino, who emigrated to the US when he was 7 years old and became the guru of basketball for women.

For American is the sixth consecutive gold medal, a domain that recognizes a tournament by dominating eight wide successes, two against debutantes (for the final) in Spain, one in the group and one in the last act. there is no story – The game is practically closed after only 15 minutes. The US arrive at most 9 and thereafter are intended to spread, driven by Maya Moore talent (12 points interval) and Tina Chares (6 rebounds in a handful of minutes).

The Spanish pay the foul trouble of Laura Nicholls and kept afloat by Alba Torrens, marking 13 points with 4 rebounds and 5 fouls drawn well when the score reads 49-32. A too deep margin, also dug thanks to a better bench by the US, the ninth Olympic final. Closed third period extensively before (81-49), the US have slowed the pace allowing the Mondelo team gnawing somewhere.

A small consolation for Spain, already largely satisfied by silver and in the running for a medal in the men also (tomorrow there is the challenge to Australia). The bronze in the women went to Serbia, who defeated France 70-63 with 18 points Jelena Milovanovic. TEAM USA Team USA 101-72-SPAIN: Whalen and Taurasi 17. Spain: Torrens 18, Xargay 12. from our correspondent Antonino Morici  @ antoninomorici

June 25, 2018 – Milan The last were Kluivert, now officially a Roma player, Santon and Zaniolo, arriving from Inter, and Shepherd, expected today in the capital. And so the Giallorossi since Monchi is ds, it is now up to 20.

As told by the service of Massimo Cecchini and Andrea Pugliese Gazette on newsstands now, 14 months after his arrival at Rome – and with just two sessions and middle market behind – including returns from loans, Monchi has given the green light to a possible 20 Trigoria the Giallorossi, including those still in total definition. A revolution with few precedents in Italian football, if not ensure victory, certainly leaves ample guarantees in terms of possible gains.

And in the viewfinder there is already the next blow: the former Fiorentina Ianis Hagi, 19, son of the great Gheorghe, former star of the Romanian national team. The deal should be established within ten days, for a total cost around 4-5 million. Roma, Santon and Zaniolo Villa Stuart for a medical READ THE ARTICLE ON THE JOURNAL OUT NOW TODAY Gasport

March 3, 2019 – London Klopp and Wijnaldum. AP The third 0-0 in his last three races still holding back once the Liverpool derby with Everton delivers a draw that, for the first time since December 7, 2018, forcing the Reds to see behind Manchester City, now prime at an altitude of 71. Jurgen Klopp’s team tries to the last, but this time the epilogue went missing model, when the network Origi 96 ‘allowed the Liverpool to find three golden points.

Everton deserve the draw for the courage and the overall conduct: he fought with the heart and, at times, even with a good kick. The two missed opportunities by Salah are critical in the overall budget. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV salah wastes – Origi owner, Firmino who is not well on the bench is the novelty of the Reds.

Everton sided with his canonical 4-2-3-1 and holds the impact of the Reds. The first twenty minutes do not produce major upheavals. At 28 ‘, sudden, the chance for Liverpool. Everton lost the ball in midfield, Fabinho throws the Egyptian left in blissful solitude: the former Roma presents itself in front of Pickford and the goalkeeper saved with the right hand.

In the second half, Salah encore: freed from Wijnaldum, Egypt’s it recovers at the last minute by Keane. Alisson responds with a perfect parade on conclusion of Calvert-Lewin.

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